1. Bicentennial [4:46]
  2. Romance6:02
  3. Phase By [7:35]
  4. Meadow Of Infinity (Part [3:49]
  5. The Glass [3:45]
  6. Meadow Of Infinity (Part [6:43]
Esoteric Recording’s Reactive label is pleased to announce a newly remastered CD release for the seminal German Electronic & Ambient musician Peter Baumann’s debut solo album, “Romance ‘76”.

Peter Baumann came to prominence as a key member of TANGERINE DREAM, joining Edgar Froese and Chris Franke in the group in 1971 and making his debut on the album “Zeit”. His contribution was felt on the classic Tangerine Dream albums released by Virgin Records issued between 1974 & 1976, “Phaedra”, “Rubycon”, “Ricochet” and “Stratosfear”. In 1976 he embarked on a solo career with his classic work “Romance ’76”, recorded in July and August that year in Berlin and Munich. The result was a remarkable album that is now held in huge esteem by aficionados of German Electronic Music.

Unavailable on CD for over twenty years, this Esoteric Recordings reissue is newly re-mastered and restores the original album artwork and includes a booklet with new essay. It is about 40 years that I am listening to electronic music of all kind, and it is easy for me to select my top albums of my life time in this genre. Romance 76, Stratosfear, and Oxygen are my first 3 masterpieces.

2016. Mohsen Goltash \ Iran