1. One night in space [6:57]
  2. I could hear it when the moon collapsed on broadway [5:20] MP3 soundclip of I could hear it [3:00]
Recorded at Eastgate Studios, Vienna
Composed and performed by Edgar Froese

Edgar Froese - keyboards
Iris Camaa - percussion, V-drums
Linda Spa - flute, saxophon, keyboards, musicbox
Throsten Quaeschning - keyboards
Bernhard Beibl - elctric & acoustic guitar, keyboards

The tracks 'One Night In Space' and 'I Could Hear It When The Moon Collapsed On Broadway' will accompany TD's Frankfurt gig on Oct 7th 2007.
They come as an EP in a limited version.
No further pressings will be manufactured from this EP title (in this form) - definitely a collector's item! So, enjoy yourself in orbit!!

2007. Press Information One Night In Space takes a short listen, sounds like a short musical moment and ultimately means a close to short creative spark, with an importance that isn't troubling but also has a few problems as to sound steady. After Metaphor from 2006 and Bells Of Accra and Sleeping Watches Snoring In Silence from summer 2007, which got released and noticed among a fresh bulk of albums and offer (at that respective time), One Night In Space is also a commode single/mini-EP creation, cut down from a big concert Tangerine Dream have held, in October, at Frankfurt - these two pieces being probably some "new" material that was played in the concert, while Frankfurt was, optimistically, a evening that highlighted the band and their "groove spirit", rather than to only string the material from their strongly new quoted Madcap's Flaming Duty or Five Atomic Seasons.
Such an EP grows on you in an elementary low or spontaneous way, nevertheless has a nice surface of music. In translation: probably two stars worth for anyone simply wondering, but three converted stars for fans and collections.

A record of barely 13 minutes can't be expected as perfect, but neither condemned; the music mood settles as decent and highlights a typical and absorbing rush of electronic music performance.
One Night In Space is a piece you can feel as Tangerine Dream-esque, having a high sense of a mega-bass atmosphere and an attractive melody/beat fascicle. Close to sampling and rubber-energy, its juice is in the level-headed pleasure of sound, its core quality is the game of pop sequences with contemporary trance, while its mainstream is the high-blood dance feel and its toxin rests in the drizzle new-age.
The second selected tracks satisfies a lot less, being a really outspoken simplicity of rhythms, programmed sound and electronic bouncing. The chemistry reminds of a beat-color from Transsiberia (which wasn't a pleasant album at all) with easy streams of music and expression, yet the "90s feeling" isn't half bad. With the clumsy title fitting the very mix-patched music, this piece has a pleasure of exactly its five minutes, or even less, once the repetitive stains clear it out as rather weak.

One Night In Space - a short samples from the Frankfurt October gig, alluding that it was a pretty attractive performance, and an EP/maxi-single for the collection.

2007. Philip Desmond Halloway