1. 5 hours of deep ambient music with the occasional silences.
Solace is a work created using sound analysis and re-synthesis techniques. The source materials are from the alto saxophone performance of Dr. Jan Berry Baker.

The idea of this project was to create a long-form ambient work that would be highly immersive and engaging for close listening but would also create an atmospheric quality at lower volume levels. The sound of the music is continuously renewed there is no repetition of any sonic element or gesture throughout the entire duration of five hours and forty minutes. At the same time, the sound materials are somewhat uniform in timbre, spectral envelope, and sonority, creating a coherent structure of continuous flow and development.

Solace is related to other long-from works composed over the past two decades including Siren (Ambient), Sapphire, Manifold, Mantra and Music for a Summer Evening. All of these are available.

Over the duration of the composition there are extended moments of silence and repose some lasting for a relatively long period of time that break the flow the sound and provide pockets of silence into which the sounds of the listening environment might flow in order to be heard re-framed.

Solace can be used as a kind of sonic tinting for meditation, bodywork, thinking, and creative activity and to color the sound spaces of living environments, architectures, museums and other spaces.

From a technical point of view this work was created in three basic steps. The first of these involved the transformation of a nearly hour-long source recording using formant re-synthesis techniques which imbued the saxophone line with a singing quality of resonant complexity. A second layer of processing recasts the sound according to tempo and pitch transformations, a process which exposed the complexity of the evolving timbre with greater detail. Finally, the resulting recording of approximately 42 minutes was time-scaled by a factor of eight to create the slower evolution of the final extended version of the work.

NOTE: this recording is presented on CD-ROM and is not playable in a normal CD player and should be instead played on a personal computer system using a web browser.

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