1. River Of Return [8:24]
  2. 2 Part 2 [5:46]
  3. Fame's Mood [4:12]
  4. Susie Sells Seashells At The Seashore [10:01]
  5. The Obscure Carousel [5:16]
  6. Nomads [7:03]
  7. Das Kleine Uhrwerk [5:04]
  8. 177 Spectacular Sunrises [11:10]

    Bonus tracks:
  9. Keep On [3:57]
  10. First Communication [10:14]
Recorded at P.P. Studio 1999.
Music Composed by Agitation Free.

Agitation Free is:
Gustl Lütjens
Lutz Ulbrich
Michael Günther
Burghard Rausch.

Quest artists:
Potsch Potschka - agit, mandoline, udu and samples
Minas Suluyan - percussion
Alto Pappert - ts
Chris Dehler - overtone vocals
Koma - bagpipe. This CD marks an extraordinary reunion of artists. Twenty-five years after their splitting up, the main members of the German band Agitation Free came together to join their creative efforts and the result is this album, which has been produced by Potsch Potschka , who also performs as a guest musician. Before they split up in 1974, this band succeeded in getting a most noteworthy post in the musical avantgarde. The band included musicians of a great charisma such as for example Christopher Franke . The style that the current members of Agitation Free ( Lutz Ulbrich, Michael Gunther, Burghard Rausch and Gustl Lutiens ) display maintains up to some extent the original spirit of the band, yet obviously incorporating modern features. Their current music is a combination of Progressive Rock and New Instrumental Music, with touches of Jazz and passages dedicated to an experimentation near to Ambient.

2000. Jorge Munnshe / Amazing Sounds In retrospective it becomes clear that AGITATION FREE with its openness to constant experimentation was one of the most important groups of the so called "Berlin School" and also a career catalyst for many musicians.
Christopher Franke helped Tangerine Dream to become globally respected.
Michael Hoenig worked with Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream and recorded a solo album before establishing himself as a soundtrack composer in Hollywood.
Axel Genrich joined Guru Guru, Burghard Rausch confounded Bel Ami.
Gustl Lütjens toured with Shirley Bassey and later attracted a huge following with his New Age act Living Mirrors in the US.
Lutz "Lüül" Ulbrich joined Ashra, worked with former Velvet Underground-singer Nico, produced solo albums as well as music for theatre productions and is nowadays successful with his group 17 Hippies.
In 1998, almost 25 years after their split, the former AGITATION FREE members met at the birthday bash of founding member Lutz "Lüül" Ulbrich and spontaneously decided to revive AGITATION FREE.
In early summer of 1999 the new AGITATION FREE album "River Of Return", produced by former Spliff-guitarist Potsch Potschka, was released by BSC Music.
The new music connects smoothly with the experimental earlier sound of the group, often flowing in meditative moods just to explode surprisingly in powerful rock. Thus the story of one of Germany's most interesting rock bands is continued in a contemporary manner

1999. BSC Music