1. Check Out [7:37] MP3 soundclip of Check out [3:00]
  2. Mysterious Neighbours [8:29]
  3. Cruisin' [6:06]
  4. Backspace [8:36]
  5. Iceland [7:19]
  6. Space Cruise [7:41]
  7. Passing Asteroids [5:25]
  8. Cosmic Landscape [6:16]
  9. Sundial [4:48]
  10. Behind The Clouds [3:36]
  11. Turn A Blue Corner [5:56]
Composed, played, arranged and produced by Peter Mergener except track 11 composed by Ralf Hess and Peter Mergener.

A true master of electronic music unveils unreleased musical gems from the past ten years: Peter Mergener, who has come to fame within the world of electronic music through his ground breaking work as a member of Software and Mergener/Weisser, presents eleven sparkling tracks from a decade of inspired work for the first timed to the public on his new album "Cruisin". The multi instrumentalist, composer and producer explains: "Again and again I ended up with tracks that I liked but didn't fit on my current albums for one or the other reason. So I started to keep them in store and wait for the right moment to turn them into a special album." Mergener himself was surprised when that album developed into more than just a rarities-compilation: "When I started to work on a running order for the tracks, a kind of musical fantasy trip started to emerge. A trip through space which leads back to Planet Earth on the last two tracks."

Press Information Returning to the best of his style in the Space Sequencer Music, Peter Mergener draws the plot of an exciting story of futuristic action with strong brush strokes.
Melodies which often turn out to be mysterious, powerful rhythms and cybernetic ambiences are the master lines where this brilliant album is based on.

Jorge Munnshe This release from 2002 offers 72 minutes of space age tuneage.
Here, Mergener performs all the instruments, with voices provided by Kathyrn Thornton, Rusty Schweickard, Mark Garneau, and Alexei Leonow.
The sweet tinkle of elegant keyboards filter through a cybernetic haze. Breaking like an airborne surf, E-perc emerges to stir the harmonics, guiding them into less-traveled aerial lanes with snappy rhythms designed to captivate the attention of dance-hungry feet. Angelic chords sweep down from the sky to hang like a honey-coated fog, supporting the now-nimble euphony. Radio transmissions blend unobtrusively into the mix, evoking images of elaborate cargo freighters from the future.
Playful catches of mechanical noises intermingle with the symphonic flow, and a demonstrative melody rises from the pleasant atmospheric soundscape. While retaining a complacent mood, these emergent melodies are laced with vigor and uptempo beats. They do not hang in the air, but cavort with fanciful intent, producing enticing patterns and cyclic chords and agile rhythms. The beats grow increasingly intricate, goading the music into highly appealing territory where intellect and fun profitably coexist. Waves of swirling space-age effects crest and pinnacle, creating passages of transcendental mystery.
This music features a plethora of synthesized tones, mimicking flutes and harps and surging engines and all sorts of otherworldly airs. Regardless of their synthetic origins, though, these sounds conspire with creative dedication to generate lavish melodies that fill the sky with their inspired splendor.
Mergener's compositional mastery is unparalleled, driving these songs to epic proportions that remain as soothing as they are invigorating.

Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity