1. After The Call MP3 soundclip of After the call [3:00]
  2. Barbakane
  3. Horizon (Warsaw Gate Mix)
  4. House Of The Rising Sun (Southend Mix)
  5. Livemiles (Morning Glow Mix)
  6. Storm Seekers/Cool Shibuya
  7. Story Of The Brave (Vienna Mix)
  8. Sungate (Red Rock Version)
  9. Teetering Scale
  10. Underwater Sunlight
HiQualityCD. Tangerine Dream Eastgate Era collection vol.1

Tangines Scales is the second release out of the Antique Dream Land series. An interesting mixture of studio, live and soundtrack work will take you on to a strange journey passing landscapes of sound sculpturing which probably couldn’t have been produced by anybody else but Tangerine Dream.
Enjoy the ride with an ultra fresh remastering and take a chance to escape a few minutes from today's gagaland.

2007. Press Information