1. Mosquito Dance [8:44]
  2. Tropical Heat [4:51] MP3 soundclip of Tropical heat [3:00]
  3. Pretty Papaya [6:07]
  4. Nights in Sweat [8:33]
  5. Don't stop the Fan [5:26]
  6. Monsoon [5:14]
Recorded: 1985/1986

Performed by:
Manuel Göttsching - guitar, keyboards
Lutz Ulbrich - guitar, keyboards
Harald Grosskopf - electronic drums. Mit echten Gitarren, elektronischem Schlagzeig und jeder Menge Tasten eine stimmige Instrumentalmusik, die je nach Bedingungen minimalistisch, perkussiv, repetitiv, verschroben, hypnotisch, verträumt oder malerisch ist und manchmal auch alles zusammen. Imponiert mir, möchte ich aber nicht jeden Tag hören.

1991. HJG This 1991 set from the German prog rockers is something of an anomalie, as they actually cut loose and get sweaty on a tune that, logically enough, is titled "Nights In Sweat." Features five other compositions, including "Mosquito Dance" and "Pretty Papaya."

Nice CD this one from 'ASHRA' . As the title suggests this is very vibrant, colorfull music with definite tropical flavors throughout. A lot more commercial than earlier recordings, but should therefore, I imagine, appeal to a much wider audience, although it's perhaps not one of my favourites of theirs. It's in a similar style to their earlier 'Correlations', 'Blackouts' albums but I do somehow prefer those to this one, which at times kind of sounds like electro disco and in places very repetetive.

It does as usual though feature lots of great Guitar again by 'Manuel'. A very good CD though nevertheless. Recommended