1. La Vie (The Dance of Life) [11:57]
  2. Bali Sunrise (The Joy of Life) [6:22]
  3. Ganga (The River of Life) [10:23]
  4. Mountains of Karma (The Wheel of Life) [8:32]

    Bonus tracks:
  5. Being One (Air) [6:55]
  6. One Being (Water) [4:36]
  7. Changes in Being (Fire) [4:37]
  8. Being Home Again (Earth) [6:14]
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Quasar Studios
All titles composed, arranged and performed by Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock

Because of the birth of my son, the often quoted "Wonder of Life" revealed itself to me in its toll meaning and profoundness and this did not leave my music untouched. The Colours of Life attempts to build a musical bridge from birth to death, from joy to sadness, from carefree moments to mystical depths. May my new songs give you as much pleasures as I experienced during the making of this album.

Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock The following year's The Colours of Life carries on in a similar vein, opening with a baby's gurgling (makes a change from a crying one, at least), leading into the twelve-minute La Vie (The Dance Of Life). The other three tracks are practically indistinguishable from the first, at least to my ears, but for those looking for almost the ultimate in 'chill-out' music, this is probably near perfection.
Klaus uses the Mellotron sparingly, with background choirs on La Vie, a brief harmonizing flute part on Ganga (The River Of Life) and more of those 'almost not there' choirs on Mountains Of Karma (The Wheel Of Life), making for a pretty low overall rating.

Andy Thompson 'Mind over Matter' is the brainchild of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, and he plays nearly all the instruments with a few guest appearances along the way. He uses a variety of synthesizer keyboards and samplers, supplemented by acoustic and electric guitars. Several of these cuts have received airplay on 'Music from the Hearts of Space', especially "Being One" and "One Being," two of the four bonus tracks on this hour-long CD.
Long passages through floating territories transport the listener to faraway figments of one's imagination, with lingering melodies carried by solid underpinnings and rhythmic layerings.
The voice tracks are more for effect than as actual vocal parts, and they serve to expand an already far-reaching odyssey.

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