CD #1
  1. Phaedra [17:32]
  2. Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares [9:41]
  3. Movements Of A Visionary [7:54]
  4. Sequent C [2:16]
  5. Rubycon (Part One) [17:14]
  6. Rubycon (Part Two) [17:34]
    CD #2
  1. Rubycon (Part Two) (Excerpt) [9:57]
  2. Rubycon (7" Side One) [3:08]
  3. Rubycon (7" Side Two) [3:10]
  4. Ricochet (Part One) (Live) [16:57]
  5. Ricochet (Part Two) (Live) [21:01]
  6. Stratosfear [10:32]
  7. The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades [4:25]
    CD #3
  1. 3am At The Border Of The Marsh From Okefenokee [8:47]
  2. Invisible Limits [11:24]
  3. Stratosfear (7" Single Edit) [4:14]
  4. The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades (7" Single Edit) [3:20]
  5. Bent Cold Sidewalk [13:04]
  6. Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender [5:00]
  7. Madrigal Meridian [20:28]
  8. Madrigal Meridian (Excerpt) [11:07]
  9. Phaedra Advert [0:31]
  10. Rubycon Advert [0:31]
Fans generally acknowledge the classic era of Tangerine Dream as coinciding with their Virgin years, which this collection rounds up nicely, opening with two landmarks, Phaedra and Rubycon, then including the group's broadening of scope and direction with the live Ricochet, Stratosfear, and Cyclone. This was directly after the early avant-garde years, consisting of experimental, arrhythmic work like Atem and Electronic Meditation, and before the Hollywood years, when Edgar Froese and co. began composing work for movie scores like Risky Business. Phaedra and Rubycon have not dated at all since their early-`70s recording, despite Froese, Peter Baumann, and Chris Franke's early adoption of Moog technology, along with Mellotron and other electric or electronic instruments. Along with the full LPs in their most recent remastering, the collection also rounds up single edits and 7" versions when they were originally available.

2011 three CD set that collects together the five LPs that Tangerine Dream recorded for Virgin Records between 1974 and 1978. Includes albums Phaedra, Rubycon, Ricochet, Stratosfear and Cyclone. These five highly influential albums are augmented by rare single releases and seven inch edits, as well as two rarely heard contemporary radio adverts.

2011. Press information