1. Time Border Passengers - [23:05]
  2. Breathing Under Pressure - [13:08]
  3. Japetus Dreams - [13:38]
  4. Time Seller Under The Rain - [7:19]
  5. Bach's Air - [4:57]
  6. My Dearest Klaus... 2002 Bonus Track [16:17]
This music breaths the grand atmosphere, spirit and beauty of Tangerine Dream, as it combines their grand sound from the mid Ď70s with those of the early 80ís.
So await some original songs of which the compositional structures mirror the original Tangerine Dream structures almost perfectly as some excellent retro sequencing and a broad range of vintage sounds fly by.
Itís very interesting to hear how masterfully Can Atilla switches from the sound of "Encore" to those of "Tangram" or "Underwater Sunlight" in the first track.
The second track "Breathing under Pressure" is the real highlight of the album, as things just come together so perfectly and are assembled so smoothly. The fifth track "Bachís Air" is even thrown into a nice vintage form.
The album was privately released on the EAT-label (Essers Audio Tools) by the Dutch musician Rob Essers, who himself composed some great music which seems to pay tribute to Tangerine Dreamís 80ís music.
This new edition includes a wonderful 16 minutes bonus track, which is a tribute to Klaus Schulze.