1. Fantasy
  2. Where Are We Going?
  3. Waterbrook
  4. High Seas
  5. Love Theme
  6. There's Another Summer Coming
  7. Machu Picchu
  8. Above The Horizon
  9. Leaving It All Behind
  10. Virgins Of The Sun MP3 soundclip of Virgins of the sun [2:00]
  11. Rain Forest
  12. Manco Capac
  13. Titicaca
  14. Chasquis
  15. Building Blocks
  16. Sacrifice
  17. The Burning Man At The Spanish Steps
  18. Eldorado
Original title of the two albums Instincts and The Last Inca released in 1978/79.
All music produced, engineered and composed by Adrian Wagner at Riverside Recordings, London, and at the Electronic Dream Plant, Goring-on-Thames, Oxon, England.

Adrian Wagner - synthesizers, keyboards and voice box
Morris Pert - drums and percussion (solo on Machu Picchu)
Bob Weston - guitar on track 5
John Cornwall - bass guitar on track 17
Ivo Hatfield - lead guitar on track 17
Bill Hamblett - the old man.

Inca Gold was my original title to my two albums 'Instincts' and 'The Last Inca' released by Charisma Records in 1978/9. I have always regarded them as one work.
This album has been re-edited using a hard editor to clean up some of the analog mixes. The album opens with Fantasy (a wise man who relates the story of the Incas). As we start to understand the value of this Planet's ecology maybe will reflect on some of the Inca's works which are still far in advance of our present knowledge. Opening up the old canals and waterways will improve irrigation and turn back the deserts - maybe in that way the Inca spirit will return!!!

Press Information The other day I heard something new. The radio suddenly started to sound as though it were talking to me. Tapping out a little instrumental message. After a while the trickle transformed to a torrent of sound like water washing over the entire room.
No words just music!'

Danae Brook / Daily Express