1. Flashflood
  2. 220 Volt (Big Volt Version)
  3. Firetongues
  4. Girls On Broadway
  5. Little Blond In The Park Of Attractions (The Thai Dub)
  6. Rising Haul In Silence
  7. Lamb With Radar Eyes (Lost Lamb Version)
  8. Touchwood (Forest Mix)
  9. Towards The Evening Star
The complete live experience without any remixing or overdubs.
Features the second part from the successful European tour 1997. Another document from the band's 1997 world tour, this album features the same live line-up as "Valentine Wheels" and a wholly different set of songs. Here, the pieces are culled from more recent releases, featuring such songs as "220", "Firetongues", "Girls on Broadway", and "Lamb with Radar Eyes".
Those familiar with these songs might recall that the LP versions often lacked a sense of power or majesty, coming from a period in which the band lapsed into more sedate tuneage.

Here, though, we find these sedate pieces infused with incredible vigor and almost deafening sparkle. This live set breathes strength and brilliance into these songs, producing a 70-minute CD that demands attention and respect.

Matt Howarth