1. Heavens light [10:33] MP3 soundclip of Heaven`s light [3:00]
  2. For you [4:24]
  3. Per aspera ad astra [7:02]
  4. The sky's journey [4:18]
  5. The lucky side of life [4:18]
  6. Longing for heavens light [9:30]
  7. Step out of darkness [3:10]
Recorded at UTV-Film-Studio Hannover, Germany
All music composed, arranged and performed by Teubner

Teubner - synthesizer
Ralf Nowy - saxophone
Kai Reuter - guitar German synthesist. He was born in 1951 and has been living in Hanover since 1977. In 1980, he started experimenting in the field of Electronic Music. He chose some pieces from his archive and published them on his first cassette, called Foresee, in 1986. That was the official start of his solo career. Apart from his own works, he was a member of the Rock band In Medias Res, but that was before 1980. These days Helmut composes rarely. At the the beginning of the New Millennium, however, he had a series of CD's out, mostly with music for aerobics (the first one was Music For Aerobic, released as early as 1991). Helmut's main recorded output is similar to Mark Shreeve in style, with strong themes, powerful rhythm patterns, sequencing and soloing.

Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music