1. Lucid Dreams [34:32] MP3 soundclip of Lucid Dreams [3:00]
  2. Rapa Nui [39:37]
"Lucid Dreams" is an open air live recording. The concert was recorded on the night of the falling stars between 23:00 & 04:00 in the Flemish Ardens on 14th August 1998. The album consits of two long ambient tracks. Perfect for lucid dreaming!

2001. Lothar Lubitz Patrick Kosmos performed and recorded "Lucid Dreams" at an open-air concert on August 14, 1998. The title refers to the state of consciousness where one is aware that one is dreaming.
The journeys and the para-normal potentials are unlimited.
Patrick's Teutonic minimalism promotes this state. The performance lasted from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. The similarities to a sleep concert are expected. They are inaccurate. Patrick's style, while subliminal, is neither as sophisticated nor as cerebral as Robert Rich's. This music is intended to induce lucidity. Robert intends to provoke dreams. Patrick's music does promote lucidity. Yungchen Lhamo, featured on a vocal drone, compliments Patrick's electronica exquisitely.
Listeners will benefit greatly from playing this while sleeping!

Jim Brenholts