1. In die [7:25]
  2. Excentriques05:55
  3. Schwarze [7:12]
  4. Schlägel und [5:56]
  5. Alleingang13:08
  6. Tiefenrausch06:08
  7. Tageslicht07:54
When Rudolf Heimann discovered and integrated keyboard instruments into his home studio, he had already played guitar and bass in various bands. Within a few years he became a synthesizer enthousiast and released his first album „Strange Delight“ in 1991.
So far, eight albums have been released, which all reflect Heimann’s preference for melodious, structured compositions. Distinctively influenced by the Rock&Pop genres, as Rudolf Heimann was initially inspired by progressive-melodic instrumental music (Alan Parsons, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd) before he got to know the classical german synthesizer music of the 70s.
Through his profession as audio engineer and producer he always remained connected with handmade musik and musicians, which enhanced his instrumental productions with interesting and diversified arrangements. This is also valid for the current CD „Tiefenrausch“. Certainly, this is „electronic music“, but with exhilarant influences of the genres Classic, Dark, Ambient, Progressive Rock and EDM. With „Tiefenrausch“ Rudolf Heimann sets his experience and adventures with his second big passion into music: as cave explorer he did not only explore the numerous caves in his home area but also the remains of old mining, ancient drifts and forgotten tunnels. The highlight was of course the discovery of the „Rodener Spaltenhöhle“ in 2016.