1. Beach Theme
  2. Dr. Destructo
  3. Diamond Diary
  4. Burning Bar
  5. Beach Scene
  6. Scrap Yard
  7. Trap Feeling
  8. Igneous
Recorded at Chris Franke's Studio, Berlin.
Composed and performed by Johannes Schmoelling, Chris Franke and Edgar Froese.

Edgar Froese - keyboards, electronic equipment, guitar
Chris Franke - synthesizers, electronic equipment, electronic percussion
Johannes Schmoelling - keyboards, electronic equipment The term "soundtrack" is at times used loosely, and this is the case here. While Tangerine Dream's music of course appears in the movie (which happens to be a little gem itself), the album is reworked quite a bit, and stands very much on it own. In spite of this, or perhaps as an uninteded result, the 1981 "Thief" album is the best soundtrack TD ever made.

Things start off strong with "Beach Theme", a moody piece that sets the tone. (A longer version of this track reappears as "Beach Scene".)
"Dr. Destructo" finds Edgar Froese in one of his guitar-whaling moods, but somehow it works.
The next track is "Diamond Diary", the best of the album (the movie actually starts with excerpts from this). The 10 min. track starts tentatively, then builds up to a dizzying array of synths, and takes its times to play out the various layers of sounds. Just terrific!
The remainder tracks are of a somewhat lesser quality, but still quite good, in particular "Trap Feeling".

"Thief" is an important album for Tangerine Dream. Their second soundtrack (following "Sorcerer") cemented TD's status as one of the premier soundtrack providers for Hollywood.
While the quality of the soundtracks would vary greatly, none would ever equal the sound and vision found on "Thief" again.

2000. Paul Allaer