1. North Star [8:08]
  2. Bételgeuse [18:29]
  3. Altaïr [10:00]
  4. Deneb [20:06]
  5. North Star - Remix [8:15]
Full of synthetic and repetitive musics since the seventies, Christian Piednoir, alias AlphaLyra, composed "Music for the stars" in 2006. With this first album, you can feel a real predilection for "cosmic music". With 5 titles, this album is an homage paid to the stars, where the music is so wide with strings, and with silky sequential choirs. Deep and paradisiac sequences reveal electronic gimmicks. Sometimes cyclic music after Steve Reich's or Phil Glass's manner, other times complex music like Klaus Schulze's, "Music for the stars" is a delight for the ears.

Press Information Alpha Lyra is French synthesist Christian Piednoir. An artist strongly influenced by Klaus Schulze as well as analog and experimental EM. "Music for the Stars" is his 1st opus and a surprising work between the dream and the rhythm, on a studded cosmic canvas between myth and dream.

As in a reverie, where a nostalgic dust measures our souvenirs, 'North Star' opens Alpha Lyra’s 1st opus with a melodious promise. Limpid and crystalline piano notes unfold in a superb musical carousel. An acoustic guitar, as much softer, walks its notes in the shade of a strummed movement which obsesses our passion. 'North Star' is a silk. It’s a superb piece of music to introduce us into the soft musical world of Alpha Lyra. From an astral corridor, the intro of 'Bételgeuse' progresses on a fine bass pulsation, creating the link between the atmosphere and rhythm. Mesmerizing with its deep textures, sublime synth strata float in a shady ambiance between the atony and harmonious wandering. Quietly the sequence is dying let the synth waltz with its chords and run away on solitary movements. Altaïr is hallucinating of depth. A synth wave is deploying, like a sound beam, to auscultate the blackness with graceful moves on light carillons. Dense with long passionate movements, 'Altaïr' joins silences and harmonizes its environment on heavy and mysterious synth impacts. 'Deneb' is the most beautiful track on "Music for the Stars" and probably from Alpha Lyra. A long musical exploration on sequenced movements and ambient passages, decorated with beautiful strummed melodies and melodious segments which revolve in suspension towards atmospheric meanders, pretty well exploited by Christian Piednoir's synths. The 2nd part is powerfully bewitching with its low pulsation which cohabits with an increasing sequence, fed of greedy strata. Minimalism and hypnotic 'Deneb' transposes us into Morpheus’ arms with an infinite sweetness. An excellent track! 'A remix of North Star' concludes this 1st work by Alpha Lyra. Quite as much melodious, choirs replace synth strata whereas a keyboard is unfolding celestial notes of this superb melodious fantasy. Near New Age doors that we would be that I wouldn’t mind so much the music is sweet and celestial.

"Music for the Stars" is an ode to stars. From Vega, also known under the name of Alpha Lyra, a constellation of Lyra with bright bluish colors, Christian Piednoir is making us entering with all the magnificence of a Boreal beauty. This 1st opus is a shower of freshness in the landscape of EM witha harmonious music on long movements to shadowy modulations, between ambiances and melodious sequences, in a celestial atmosphere.

2005. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com