CD #1
  1. Oneiromancy [18:48]
  2. Elemental Folklore [15:11]
  3. The Widening Gyre [8:00]
  4. Light Is A Liquid [12:44]
  5. The Gramophone [7:06]
  6. Aetherial [14:55]
    CD #2
  1. Fog Index [20:30]
  2. The Ninth Wave [12:42]
  3. Cathedral Sky [6:16]
  4. Tagmeme [6:15]
  5. Rebar [11:54]
  6. Acouasm [19:48]
What does ‘acousma’ mean? It refers to a form of auditory hallucination, the sensation of hearing imaginary sounds. Robert Scott Thompson writes, "Sounds may become enchanted, imbued with enriched nuance, essentially changed and transformed ... A common thread which connects these works is the notion of illusion; whether borne of dreams, hallucinations, memories or the creative imagination. My goal in creating music of this type is to open a view into sound-worlds which are compelling, unique and perhaps even alien. Audition becomes a journey of discovery and adventure ..."
Robert Scott Thompson fashions soundscapes that are so imaginative, it seems that we’re in another distant world listening to the sounds of that far away place. And then we hear a hint of something familiar, something like a flute, or a koto, or a chorus of voices, and we’re reminded of the sounds we know. It’s the blending of the familiar with the unfamiliar that draws us in and becomes fascinating. Thompson’s music is almost narrative as different things happen and different stories seem to unfold and time moves in a very special way.

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