1. The Mysterious Gift To Mankind
  2. The Evening Before Easter
  3. Living In Eternity
  4. The Silver Boots Of Bartlett Green
  5. Hosanna Of The Damned
  6. Dream Phantom Of The Common Man
  7. The Idol Of Baphomet
  8. Hoël Dhat The Alchemist
  9. The Invisible Seal Of The Holy Tribe
"The Angel Of The West Window" is a novel written in 1927 by Gustav Meyrink (original German title: "Der Engel vom westlichen Fenster") steeped in alchemical, hermetic, occult and mystical imagery and ideas interweaving the life of Elizabethan Magus Dr John Dee with that of a fictional modern descendant, Baron Mueller.
Highly complex, often confusing but also highly atmospheric, The Angel Of The West Window could be described as an occult thriller, mixing melodrama and elements of higher spiritual elements with exploration of some of the deepest occult and esoteric mysteries of the human soul. The last novel Meyrink wrote before he died. The Angel Of The West Window, it is regarded as, if not his most famous work (a claim usually made for his novel The Golem), certainly his most ambitious and multi-layered."
Tangerine Dream has set the atmosphere as well as the deeper meaning of this novel into an unforgettable soundscape. This is the second POEM soundtrack out of Tangerine Dream’s special series – Eastgate’s Sonic Poem Series - recently successfully started with E.A. Poe’s “Island of the Fay”. Enjoy this new creation of adventurous music!!

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