Side A:
  1. Rücksturz [24:33]
      Side B:
    1. Quitting Time [14:34]
    2. La Tendresse [13:01]
    "Head-Visions", my first true solo-album, will be re-released on vinyl.
    The sides of the album have easily extended length.

    2012. Bernd Kistenmacher There are of these albums that cross the curves of time without that we never grow tired of hearing them again and again. “Head-Visions” is part these timeless classics which feed our souvenirs each time that we put it in a CD player…or on a turntable. Because that it is now reoffered in this format and in a new remastered limited reedition. This 170 grams of quality vinyl which stands the quality of any Audiophile series is the consecration for this ultimate work which lulls between the strange ambiences of Irrlicht and Blackdance, two opuses from Klaus Schulze who is mainly the source of Kistenmacher's inspirations.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately it depends of, I don't own a turning table anymore. I thus have to wait until my visit of an old childhood friend who still has his Linn Soundek LP 12 equipped with the Itok arm to reopen the old debate CD versus vinyl. And the arguments were there. They surrounded the room of a surprising musical neatness with so many curbs in the basses as well a depth in the curves and permutations of movements that we listened again to other vinyls (old Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Synergy and others) without closing the debates. Evidently that I preached for my parish because I don't have a turning table anymore since moons, except that I was strangely enchanted with this 4th edition of “Head-Visions” since its release in 1986. It's obvious that the musical depth is undeniable and that the remastering makes from the Cakewalk Sonar X1 is of a staggering breathtaking wealth.

    The nuances in the evolutions of "Rücksturz" are detailed with more depth while the moods of the melodious "Quitting Time" and the wanderings of the intriguing "La Tendresse" wrap us with more bewitchment. But was it the effect of delight created by the very warm meeting of two old friends during the greetings period or the vinyl always has this little something that CD won't have? And according to this friend who is a truly audiophile music lover, the vinyl will always gives more depth to the curves of music than the silvery skeud. But we heard each other on a point; “Head-Visions” is a classic which should furnish any record collections of music lovers eager for EM. An album that my friend didn't have and which makes him salivate ever since.

    2013. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&