1. The Musical Box
  2. Lunation Cycle
  3. Liminality - Homage to Iannis Xenakis
  4. ...Of The Dreaming
The Folio series features various miscellaneous compositions that develop out of my general practice. These works are the result of explorations into the modeling of sounds and musical structures that typically result in more elaborated and concentrated works. In some ways they are sketches or compositional studies. Some of these experimental pieces, composed on an on-going basis, turn out to be more than mere exercises and are able to stand on their own as separate compositions. The Folio series sheds light into my compositional process and also collects a number of the more interesting of these miscellaneous works.

Folio Volume Two features instrumental sounds by Jan Baker (saxophone), Ken Long (bass clarinet) and Stuart Gerber (percussion) all of which are processed and elaborated using a custom signal processing program in Max 6 (Cycling 74). Included in this recording is The Musical Box, a work that features prepared piano sounds utilizing percussion instruments inside the piano (including the inner workings of a wind-up music box). Lunation Cycle explores the timbres and textures of the soprano saxophone. Liminality - Homage to Iannis Xenakis is based entirely in transformations of piano sounds. The final work on the disc, ...Of The Dreaming, is inspired by the didjeridu and features the sounds of the bass clarinet. All works were composed in 2011.

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