1. Croatia 2009 live registration of te following Performers – Bill Fox, Bryan Trook, Conrad Gibbons, Dan
  2. iel Bloom, Earthgirl, Indra, Józef Skrzek, Chris Horn, Paul Lawler, Paul Nagle, Polaris, Spyra, Steve
  3. Jolliffe, Steve Schroyder, Wladyslaw Komendarek, Yarek
Second official DVD release of the Ricochet Gathering event in Croatia in 2009. Including new improvisations by the artists. The 10th Ricochet Gathering took place in Croatia during May 2009, on the shore of the Adriatic Sea and is now available on DVD, directed by Indra. American producer Vik Rec organised 10 gatherings between 2000-2010, each in a different location. The ‘grand finale’ happened in 2011 in Berlin, EM's world capital. None of these events benefited from being filmed. The 10th is a well-deserved exception as it appears to have been the most beautiful, unique and successful gathering of all. The soundtrack to the wonderful picture is a selection of the musical improvisations provided by the participating composers.

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