1. Yaroslaw Station [4:52]
  2. Smoky Karlow [9:25] MP3 soundclip of Smoky Karlow [3:00]
  3. Siberian Lights [4:01]
  4. Jenissei River [4:44]
  5. Baikal Sunrise [4:42]
  6. Samowar Juri [4:40]
  7. Ulan - Ude [4:35]
  8. Chingan Night [6:55]
  9. Russian Soul [4:13]
  10. The Golden Horn [5:18]
Recorded at Eastgate Studios Berlin/Vienna
Music produced by Edgar Froese and composed by Edgar and Jerome Froese

Inspired by the video documents of a trip with the transsiberian railway. Driving sequences, atmospherical sounds. Transsiberia: The Russian Express Railway Experience is the soundtrack to a documentary of the same name.
The electronic music score is by Tangerine Dream (Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese).
Tangerine Dream soundtracks are seldom, if ever, middle of the road. They are either great works that stand alone well or they are complete flops when taken out of context.
This is a great CD. The imagery is clear and vivid, the sway of the rhythm creates the feeling of being on a train, and the soundscapes are appropriately cold and aloof. Deep listeners will feel the isolation of Siberia and the aura of royalty in the Russian heritage.
This is classic Berlin school electronica by the founders of the style.
It is essential e-music.

Jim Brenholts / All Music Guide Here we have a soundtrack composed to accompany a film about the Russian express railway experience. (Okay, so this one has little to do with outer space, but it is a thrilling listen and thoroughly enjoyable -- a nice capper for this overview of recent Tangerine Dream releases.) From its initial sonic outburst, the rhythms of railway travel are mimicked by the band, now back to just Edgar and Jerome Froese.

There are no train samples here, the duplication is achieved with melodic construction. Percussives softly create the hushed clank of metal wheels on tracks, while chattering keyboards mimic the vehicular sway. Add to these tasty subtleties the presence of intriguing melodics and driving riffs. For 53 minutes, the music will transport you from your domicile, conjuring the illusion of foreign transportation through desolate panoramas. Guaranteed to immortalize railway travel as Kraftwerk memorialized the long-distance car trip with "Autobahn".

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity