1. Tingri [4:18]
  2. Where Lovers Walk [4:21]
  3. Rememberance [4:16]
  4. Iridani [3:46]
  5. Winter's Chapel [6:32]
  6. Tingri Maiden [9:46]
  7. Annie By The Sea [11:19]
Jonn Serrie - keyboards and synthesizer
Jim Jagodzinski - guitar (electric), guitar (rhythm), guitar (acoustic)

Jonn adds a more romantic element to his space music sound. Inspired by a small village in Tibet, this album is beautifully haunting with slow off-beat rhythms and subtle melodies.

2002. Press Information Jonn Serrie is a well-rounded e-music long-timer. His gentle sound design has elements of classic new age and hypnotic space music. Tingri is one of his most popular and accessible CD's. The melodic atmospheres surround exotic synth washes as energetic rhythms carry them around and through the soundscapes. Each composition has its own integrity and structure.
This disc will appeal to fans of John Flomer, Patrick O'Hearn, and Kevin Braheny.

Jim Brenholts / All Music Guide