1. Drifter [4:19]
  2. Black Mesa [5:25]
  3. Turned To Stone [4:50]
  4. The Petrified Forest [5:08]
  5. Just A Kiss [5:01]
  6. This Is The End [5:14]
The mini-album of Petrified Forest is inspired by the eponymous film, which was published in 1936 under the direction of Archie Mayo. Alan Squier, a failed, world-weary British novelist, heads to a remote, weather-beaten desert restaurant in Arizona owned by Jason Marple. Jason's daughter Gabrielle is immediately struck by the disillusioned intellectual, as they share idealistic dreams of escaping the harsh reality of their lives. The music sounds very much like Boards of Canada or some works by Ulrich Schnauss.