1. One Small Step - Part I [11:59] MP3 soundclip of One small step [3:00]
  2. Sea of Tranquility [6:51]
  3. Purple Rocks [4:58]
  4. Earthlight Viewing [2:12]
  5. Where No Man Has Gone [5:39]
  6. Hydrogen Blast [13:50]
  7. A Giant Leap - Part II [5:29]
  8. One By Four By Nine [3:36]
Timescape is Kent Borrefjæll Eskildsen.
Thor Egil Hjulstad plays sax on "Earthlight Viewing".

One Small Step and A Giant Leap was written, recorded and produced by Kent Eskildsen in the Klangshøj Studio.
Between December 1994 and May 1996.
Remastered to CD-R in June 1998

The following instruments were used: ...what a grand surprise...you know, there are scores of talented emusic guys out there and you are truly one of them...very innovative...I enjoyed your music very much...and am looking forward to hearing your new stuff...

Ken Baal Kent Eskildsen/Timescape "one small step" for those of you familiar with tangerine ambience 2, kent is responsible for the great covers stratosfear and white eagle (recording as "token angle" and "kenton files"); "one small step" is kent's own music.

OSS is really quite good--as one would expect from hearing his stuff on TA2--I especially like the 2 nice long tracks (12 & 14 minutes) which really "go places"; plus there's lots of layering, etc.
For Schmoelling fans, the title track (12 min) should be quite pleasing and it reminds me a bit of JS's Zoo of tranquillity although it is certainly not "derivative" from it. Kent's a big TD fan and their influence definitely shows but this music really is unique. If I were to compare this with anything else non-td, however, it might be with Ash Prema's 2nd cd SIASL. then again, some of the material on side 2 sounds almost (td) oasis-ish; as a guitar fan, it was especially nice, however to hear kent's excellent guitar work (he lists both acoustic, electric and guitar synths in his equipment list); a lot of otherwise good e-music IMO remains somewhat flat because it just sticks with the synths so it was great to hear kent doing some guitar work as well; I've always liked this about TD (in comparison with schulze say) and I think that part of what makes td so unique and appealing to me is the guitar work. as you may note from the title, the theme is the moon landing and it samples some of audio from the mission in a very pleasing fashion (I guess this makes it "space music" ;-) sometimes voices in e-music bothers me but here it works very well and was done quite tastefully. this is definitely a tape worth getting folks.

Lars Jones The cover reminds me of an Astralsia albume so I guess I was expecting some kind of ambient/ Techno album, but instead what I got was 54 minutes of synth music broadly in the pastoral style of Mike Brooks with a smattering of Pink Floyd in the guitar.

Danishman Kent Borrefjæll Eskildsen (for it is he!) was obviously inspired by the Apollo missions and voice snippets from them crop up several times, beginning with the opening 14 minute "One Small Step" where they accompany synthchords and sequencers through several themes, all in a midtempo style, the piece never threatens to let rip, eminently tuneful.

Skillfully massed guitars and synths provide the leads and kent demonstrates his musicianship well. The same themes appear later with "A Giant Leap" with a good deal of piano-style backing along with the laid back drums. Elsewhere "Purple Rocks" and "Where no Man has Gone" inject some oomph! Into the proceedings with more spritely sequencers and vigorous guitar playing.
As a contrast "Sea of Tranquillity", "Hydrogen Blast" and the closing "One by Four by Nine" all explore the more cosmic end of the spectrum while "Earthlight Viewing" is allotted an extra dimension by Thor Egil Hjulstad´s soulful sax.
There´s nothing innovative about this music but it´s never remotely offensive and Kent has obvious talent in the realms of what he does. If you´re looking for good tuneful music that can relax, excite and please at once, give this a go, it´s worth it!

Carl Jenkinson / Sequences magazine Timescape is/was the name of the solo project of Kent Borrefjæll Eskildsen. He is member of the group Navigator and writer of "30 Years Of Dreaming", the biography of Tangerine Dream which is published in E-dition magazine.
The eight tracks on this CDR date from between 1994 and 1996. It is rather fluent and assessable EM in which there is a lot of space for the guitar. The music is played quite good (especially the guitar work) and is melodically crafted well but also never really attracts attention. Only the third track (this promo-cdr lacks a backside and as a result of this I don't know the titles) strikes because of the cosmic atmosphere.
It can be heard in this music that Kent was searching for a style. In Navigator he has found this.

Paul Rijkens / SonicImmersion.org