1. Stage 1 [12:38]
  2. Stage 2 [17:19]
  3. Stage 3 [14:59] MP3 soundclip of Stage 3 [1:00]
  4. Stage 4 [15:58]
Burn is AirSculpture's performance at the second Hampshire Jam festival, which fans have been demanding as an album release ever since.

One of the most intense sequencer-driven entries in the AirSculpture (or any other!) catalogue, Burn actually starts with a slow darkly spacious ambience. A slow burn the abstract layers gradually building until the echoing effects morph into sequences. These continue to deepen and layer, building the intensity until you think that it can't go any further. And then to modulars kick in....

This is no by-the-numbers retro knockoff though. Despite being underpinned by real analogue modulars and mellotron, it mixes in up to date digital equipment. The music is equally a blend, classic elements jostling with modern rhythms blended in a way that is uniquely AirSculpture.

The music is divided into four sections, but forms a single continuous piece - so don't forget to Burn gapless!

2008. Press Information