1. Sensory++: A New Begin – [8:47]
  2. Neuronium: Venganza – [4:10]
  3. Ruud Rondou: Hunt Of The Dormouse – [10:07]
  4. Defile Andante: Leaving Berlin 5:30 am – [6:12]
  5. Rhea: Uhuru – [7:02]
  6. Analogic Synthism: Orphelia – [7:08]
  7. Lounasan: Traces Of Melancholy – [7:08]
  8. BySenSeS: Beautiful Moments – [6:38]
  9. Nisus: Another Fine Day – [6:47]
  10. Jovica Storer: 4 Our Ambient Nation – [11:02]
  11. Venja: Passing The Milkyway Borders – [5:02]
Very nice compilation of Art for Ears. This album is highly recommended, if you΄re into the dreamy, ambient side of electronic music. Sometimes you can imagine yourself floating in deep space, sometimes you are lying in a meadow, as it where, and looking at clouds passing above. Just let your imagination fly, and this album will guide you.

It is number 4 in a series, and if the 3 others are as good a compilation as this one - well, I am getting them too. This one is wonderfully sequenced, the order that the pieces are put together, works extremely well.

And all Ambient Nation albums are solely with belgium artists. There are apparantly a large bunch, not just a few, very gifted ambient musicians in Belgium. I only knew people like Frank Quasar and Mark De Wit (Rhea) and then Neuronium. But what a pool of talented people!!! Fantastic.

2014. Kristian N. / Denmark