1. Atlantic overcrossing [5:32]
  2. Abulafia [6:16] MP3 soundclip of Abulafia [3:00]
  3. 6th floor [5:09]
  4. Deliverance [4:22]
  5. Latino Catherine [3:35]
  6. Get it out [4:20]
  7. Offstage [2:45]
  8. Song fur den Proletariersohn, Teil 1 [5:36]
  9. Song fur den Proletariersohn, Teil 2 [2:23]
  10. Song fur den Proletariersohn, Teil 3 [1:35]
Recorded between 1974-75 at ERD Studio and Audio Studio, Berlin , Germany

This is one of those albums that works well as a background, or you can get stuff from listening intently. Some people may find it a drawback that the overall sound is not demanding at all to listen to, and consequently makes good incidental or background music.
It is not Agitation Free playing space music, but gentle, pleasant, fusion-jazz/new age. In particular the first two tracks on the album stand out ... "Atlantic Overcrossing" is a wonderful song with pub-rock overtones (think Ace/Paul Carrack) -- one of those pieces you may remember from the 70's that you heard somewhere but can't identify where you actually heard it.
"Abulafia" is a nice gentle sax tune that is pleasant and hummable but oddly defiant in its complexity. Both make the record worth owning. One of the most striking things about the entire record is that it *sounds* very 80's in approach (this is the sort of prog rock you'd hear on cable stations at the time as background music) but was allegedly recorded in 1974 and 1975.

Keef Rob