1. Prairie Suite (Live) - Tom Greisgraber & Bert Lams
  2. Exiles (The Wolves of Midwinter) [Live] - Mary Fahl
  3. Pendulum (Live) - Pure Bathing Culture
  4. Strolling Through Star Streets (Live) - Jeff Johnson, Brian Dunning & Wendy Goodwin
  5. Alpenglow (Live) - S. Carey
  6. Sarasvati Morning (Live) [feat. Simon Emmerson, Sheema Mukherjee & Simon Palmskin Richmond] - The Fres h Handmade Collective
  7. Honeymoon (Live) - Lyla Foy
  8. No Chance Survival (Live) - Yoed Nir
  9. Turning Rocks (Live) - Thus Owls
  10. 19th Century Girl (Live) - Juliette Commagere
  11. Revelation (Live) - Shambhu
  12. Remember How I Broke Your Heart (Live) - Priscilla Ahn
  13. Bergen County Farewell (Live) - Glenn Jones
  14. Drive (Live) - Marissa Nadler
  15. The Thing That Came from Somewhere (Live) - Don Ross
As the Echoes radio show completes its 25th year on the air, we bring you Ricochets from the Echoes Living Room. The title is appropriate as the music we began playing 25 years ago has ricocheted to influence a new generation of artists. Singer-songwriter Priscilla Ahn grew up listening to Echoes in Philadelphia. Shambhu and Don Ross are disciples of Windham Hill records era guitarists, Yoed Nir grew up on progressive rock and Fresh Handmade Sound is the offspring of the Echoes heritage band Afro Celt Sound System. Influences ricochet into a new convergence of singer-songwriters