1. An insider's story written by Wolfgang Flur
One of the most influential acts of the 1970s and 1980s, Kraftwerk defined the synth-pop genre and inspired a host of imitators across the globe, transforming the music scene for the best part of a decade. Then, suddenly, the band fell apart, its members turning on each other as one of the most significant pop bands in the world imploded in a flurry of litigation and rivalry.

Kraftwerk - I Was A Robot is an insider's story of those turbulent and buoyant times. Wolfgang Flur, the band's drummer spearheaded the genre of synth-pop, creating the worlds first electronic drum machine, whose patent was almost stolen from under him by the bands founder members. When he later discovered that his contribution to their previous material was going unrecognised he found himself in the eye of a bitter whirlwind of acrimony and counter-allegation that culminated in the attempted suppression of this book's publication. Now fully vindicated in the courts, his true story of die Menschmaschine can at last be told.

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