1. Synthasia (concert version) [28:08] MP3 soundclip of Synthasia [1:25]
  2. Transmigration of souls [24:30] MP3 soundclip of Transmigration of souls [1:00]

    Bonus track
  3. Eclipsis [5:08] MP3 soundclip of Eclipsis [0:59]
Classic Berlin School from Frank Klare and Mirko Lüthge aka Synco played on analog equipment like PPG- and Korg MS-Modularsystem, ARP 2600, ARP Odyssee or MiniMoog.
The concert version of Synthasia is one of the most powerful TD clones ever made with original former TD equipment.

2009. Press Information This Release is like an Electronic Dream, Love The Pure Tangerine Dream Style in the Bonus track.

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