1. Attack [19:27]
  2. Decay [19:57] MP3 soundclip of Decay [3:00]
  3. Sustain [12:02]
  4. Release [14:06]
Recorded live on 28th April 2007 at E-Day 2007
Composed, performed and produced 2008 by HaJo Liese and Till Kopper
Mastered by Gerd Wienekamp

Hajo Liese - Schrittmacher controlling, Vermona performer, Vermona DMR2, Roland Vintage MVS-1, Emu Vintage Pro, Yamaha TG55, Elka Rhapsody, ARP Pro Solist
Till Kopper - Minimoog, Memotron, Waldorf @32 + XTk30 For nostalgics looking for the "old" i.e. analog sound of Electronic Music as it was made in the 70's and early 80's, you can buy this CD with your eyes closed. Obviously inspired by Tangerine Dream, this certainly is not a mere copy, but the overall atmosphere comes pretty close to, say, Ricochet or Encore. You cannot possibly make "Retro"-EM any more authentic than this!

2013. Erwin / Belgium Our recorded E-Day concert of the 28th of April 2007 in Eindhoven/The Netherlands was released January 2008.
Again 100% live. No backing track used live, no overdoubts later. Straight recording onto two tracks.

El-Ka This 2nd CD of the German dua EL-KA is a great collection of live performances at the E-Day 2007 festival. This truly live performed music with some prepared Schrittmacher sequences. Just 4 hands playing, no computers, no backing track at all. I saw them live and was impressed by the fact they were so concentrated but also sharing their love for EM with the audience. And this all improvised!!
This is maybe the best kind of classic EM the label has to offer. Classic EM from Deutschland in their own particular style and sound, EL-KA, sounds different and more authentic than other neo-Berlin School bands. Maybe it's because of the heritage of this music. Especially those sequences from the Schrittmacher/Vermona analogue synthesizer are a great joy to listen too.

Four lenghty tracks named after the envelope controls which a synthesizer uses to shape the sound. The first track "Attack" expresses more or less their own style. The second track "Decay" reminds me of TD at their USA touring recordings. If you have TD's "Encore" CD then you will like this track too. I wonder how it would have sound if the guys had used a Moog Modular system because the sequences are very convincing. And all this with just 2 guys and not 3. Hats off!!
The third track is called "Sustain". This track sounds more like TD in their days of "Tangram/Thief/Exit". Just excellent. I can't describe this in words. You must hear it.
The last track is called "Release". Back to Phaedra and Rubycon it seems. Very enjoyable music.

I hope that they will be back on stage again soon with this organic Berlin School retro EM. Recommended to almost everyone who loves this type of music. The overall sound quality is very good, especially for a live record.

2009. Constantino / NL