1. Turning To Stone [6:28]
  2. A Canopy Of Shivers [5:49]
  3. Sirena [9:11] MP3 soundclip of Serena [3:00]
  4. Mycelia [8:15]
  5. The Divine Radiance Of Invertebrates [8:20]
  6. The Road To Wirikuta [19:20]
  7. Tree Of The Wind [4:34]
Stefano Musso (Alio Die) - Samples, Textures, Drones
Robert Rich - Synths, Flutes, Percussion, Dulcimer, Steel Guitar This is an excellent CD; I've rated it with 5 stars, the maximum score. Rich & Musso are at their best here; they made seven well-defined tracks, sparkled with sensuality and riding along a very gentile rhythm. Unlike the dark ambient genre, this CD doesn't get lost in cheap soundeffects & it certainly doesn't give you a unbearable headache! Absolute toptracks : mycelia & the road to wirikuta ; concluding : just buy the damn thing! Wirikuta, here I come!

2007. IMIT / Belgium