1. Seiichi Suzuki - Ad Honorem (Go For) [8:01] MP3 soundclip of Ad honorem (Suzuki) [1:00]
  2. George Taylor & Fratellis - Belvedere (Go On) [4:06]
  3. Patrick Pulsinger & Werner Dafeldecker - Claire Obscure (Go Across) [11:35]
  4. Haeyoung Kim and Nikos Arvanitis - Dynamo (Go In With) [11:15]
  5. Alex Paterson & Thomas Fehlmann - Elektrum (Go Past) [5:07] MP3 soundclip of Elektrum (Paterson/Fehlmann) [1:00]
  6. Werner Moebius - Fait Accompli (Go Through) [3:03]
  7. Alec Way & Eric Bonerz - Gusto (Go Around) [3:29]
  8. Timothy O'Keefe - Hoc Volo (Go Up) [8:16]
  9. David Bickley - In Natura (Go Along) [5:33] MP3 soundclip of In natura (Bickley) [1:00]
  10. Fabio Capanni - Juste Milieu (Go There) [6:41]
Krautrock innovator Hans-Joachim Roedelius latest project: A ten track compilation which features collaborations between Roedelius & The Orb, Patrick Pulsinger, Alec Way, Haeyoung Kim, Fratelli Brothers, Timothy O'Keefe, Fabio Capanni, David Bickley, Seiichi Suzuki and Werner Moebius.
The CD showcases works produced over the past 10 years and takes the listener on a journey through many styles of music from Ambient-Glitch Electronics–Dub.

Press Information In the history of post-war electronica, Roedelius is one of the great linking figures, joining Fluxus to Eno and the post-Acid House era. If this is a big territory to fill, possibly the best angle on Roedelius is as a musician most interested in process, and this is certainly demonstrated by the vignettes - some sketchy ideas, others more fully formed - released here.

"Ad Honerem" (2003) with Suzuki falls into the former category; a sparse drum track with uncertain elements unfolding into the ether; so too "Claire Obscura" (2005) with Patrick Pulsinger and Werner Dafeldecker. This isn't to denigrate the tracks as on "Juste Milieu", a 1995 offering made with Fabio Capanni, these are moments of imaginative observation, often inspired by organic sounds such as water, birdsong and air currents. As one might expect on a track with The Orb, 2002's "Elektrum" takes on a more dynamic format, as does "Fait Accompli", a 2002 track made with Cluster comrade Werner Moebius and littered with tiny explosive electro-beats and skittery piano.
But it is 2003's "Hoc Vola" that carries the album. Made with Timothy O'Keefe, the track sets up an acoustic folk riff with some Aeolian atmospherics to reiterate what it is that Roedelius does best.


Louise Gray