1. The Hive [5:33]
  2. Dreamworld [4:12]
  3. Diva [4:24]
  4. Apollo 12 [9:32]
  5. Soha [5:02]
  6. Nightwalk [5:57]
  7. Karelia [4:33]
  8. Brama [6:33]
  9. Ambient Voices [4:28]
  10. Chapel in the dark [6:16]
  11. BONUSTRACK Brama (moonbooter remix) [10:09]
With the 2020th album "Voices" the musician Ronald Schmidt aka Faber presents his new album with very catchy and playful melodies. As with his previous albums, elements of the classic EM are combined with new ideas and technologies to create the typical Faber sound worlds. On "Voices" you can discover familiar, but also the new styles. Many of the songs contain alienated, but also realistic human voices. So the title of the album fits really well. As a little bonus the album contains a remix of the song "Brama" by moonbooter. As always, we wish you good entertainment.