1. Marakesh
  2. Atlas Eyes
  3. Gaudi Park MP3 soundclip of Gaudi park [3:00]
  4. Cat Scan
  5. Teetering Scales
  6. Lily on the Beach
  7. Nomad's Scale
  8. Daybreak On The River Spree
  9. Longing for Cashba
  10. Mount Shasta
  11. Alaskan Summer
  12. Wall Street
  13. Hitchhiker's Point
  14. Long Island Sunset
  15. Encore - Berlin Summer Nights
Second live-release from the Vaults: Berlin, Werner Seelenbinder Halle, February 20, 1990

Edgar Froese - guitar, keyboards
Paul Haslinger - keyboards, E-pad
Jerome Froese - keyboards, guitar
Linda Spa & Hubert Waldner - saxophone

This time, we have prepared a very special show for you: Tangerine Dream's concert on February 20th, 1990, in East Berlin at the Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle.

This show was one of a kind for several reasons: firstly, the sold-out hall saw the first concert of a West German band after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Secondly, it was the live debut of a man, who would help shape TD's ongoing history - Jerome Froese made his first on-stage appearance with the group at this show.
Altogether, this made for a very special event that no one who attended will ever forget and that will also be of fan interest in general because it marked a turning point in the band's line up and career.
The 1-CD-set will contain an untouched sound board recording of the main set, containing material from Lily on the Beach, Optical Race, Le Parc and more plus the first encore, "Berlin Summer Nights".

The recording has been cleaned up and remastered for superior quality by Jerome Froese.

Press Information This one is really nice and worth buying, especially since the sound quality is top notch. The only little complaint I have is that some tracks have been cut short to make the music fit onto one CD (total length is 79.59 minutes), like during "Cat Scan" or "Atlas eyes".
But it's not distracting because the editing was done very carefully. If you like albums like "Optical race", "Lily on the beach" and "Destination Berlin" you simply need this CD (the majority of the tracks on "East" can be found on these three albums, but there's also a new track called "Daybreak on the river Spree").

2004. Heiko Heerssen / Germany Best live album till now on that I've heard on CD. All tracks sound so clear.
for everybody who like the Melrose years buy this one, if you don't you miss a lot

2004. Hans Sijtsma / The Netherlands Next year it will be fifteen years since the Berlin Wall fell; an event which brought many people together and which marked a kind of symbolic opening of the world for Eastern Europe. And most importantly, the city of Berlin was reunited after forty-five years. In the interval between the opening of the Berlin city borders and the falling of the Wall, Tangerine Dream gave a concert on February 20, 1990, before an audience of 8000 at the Werner Seelenbinder Halle in their hometown. The Werner-Seelenbinder is a typical big hall in East Berlin, similar to the Palast der Republik, where TD performed two unforgettable concerts ten years earlier. This concert was also broadcast live on radio and introduced a new member as well.
In 1980, Johannes Schmoelling was the new band member. This time Jerome Froese played for the first time (but not yet as a permanent member!), as well as Linda Spa and Hubert Waldner, both on sax. A cd has been released, on their own TDI label, of the series of old concerts recorded by the band.

"East" contains 80 minutes of typical late-eighties/early-nineties TD. The set mainly consists of material from "Optical Race", "Lily on the Beach" and "Destination Berlin". Only "Gaudi Park", from the album "Le Parc", is a kind of musical flashback within this finely balanced set, which would provide the basis for the English tour later that year.
The extremely positive mood of the material played by the band is very apparent. "Nomadís Scale" is dominated by the guitar duel between Edgar and Jerome. This version is much more beautiful than the one on "Rockface", even though Froese junior occasionally leans too much towards Malmsteen- or Satriani-like guitar pyrotechnics, and performs at break-neck speeds.
However, his playing does not contribute anything to the essence of the piece. After that, the band continues with the "Canyon Dreams"-like "Daybreak on the river" and "Longing for Cashba" both of which appeared earlier in the "I-Box" set. This all fits perfectly into the whole set, especially when Paul Haslinger is given the opportunity to fully indulge himself on a custom-built Akai keyboard. When the sets ends, after several pieces featuring the characteristic sax playing by Linda Spa, the listener will grasp the future direction of the evolving TD sound.
Like the 1980 Berlin concert this concert marked an important point in the development of TD.
"Berlin summer nights" is the bonus track on the cd. Apart from a copy autographed by Edgar and Jerome, the first 200 buyers received a special TDI cd-r that contained three extra bonus tracks ("Alchemy of the Heart", "Alexander Square" and "House of the Rising Sun"). With this, the regular "East" CD contains an almost complete recording, barring a few pieces.

Because of its brilliant sound quality (even better than "Rockface") "East" is another real must-have for TD fans. I canít deny that these are expensive times for buying cds.
The fact of the matter is that these releases are simply too nice and beautiful to miss, especially as the material is of such importance musically. Now, letís see if new releases of the pre-1988 recordings become available.

Wouter Bessels / SonicImmersion.org How can a cd, primarily based on tracks from Optical Race, Lily On The Beach and Destination Berlin get 7/10? They sound generally fresher, as well as the inclusion of three rare tracks, which are thoroughly great.
The concert was performed in East-Berlin, three months after the Wall finally had collapsed. It was also the first concert with Jerome, so it was what you could call a historic TD concert. The infamous saxophone-duo Hubert Waldner (guest on Melrose) and Linda Spa joined in with their contributions, notably on the tracks from Destination Berlin. They succeeded in making them even cheesier and uneatable.

It did make sense to include tracks from a documentary about Berlin, as they were celebrating the demolition of the wall, I am sorry for the audience as they had to cope with Wall Street and Hitchhiker's Point from Destination Berlin! Especially Wall Street reduces you to a state of stupidity. For a reference, it almost sounds like Norwegian "dansband" called Vikingarna with the double-up on farting saxophones. Torture!
Gaudi Park, Teetering Scales and the tracks from Optical Race are instrumentally and structurally identical with originals, but sounds so much better here. East made Atlas Eyes acceptable for me, and Marakesh and Cat Scan are decidedly good.
Among the more unknown tracks, my favourite is Nomad's Scale. On the North American tour of 1988, Edgar played the solo, which he seemed to struggle with, as it didn't run very smooth. On this last performance of the track, Jerome was allowed to play all out on the guitar. He delivers a respectless, almost high-flown tabbing-solo. It goes to the point of being nauseating, but doesn't cross it, and what we have is a very cool track. Judging from the characteristic overtones, Edgar plays the last guitar section. Luckily, things got better for him this time.
In my ears Longing For Cashba is not complete without Gerald Gradwohl's guitar playing, like he did it at the Warsaw concert in 2001 (TT vol. 15). The hard guitar playing gave the track an edge of prog.metal, which is lacking here.
On 80 minutes we get the lion's share of this concert, recorded the 20th February of 1990 in the Werner Seelenbinder Halle. That means that some of the tracks have been omitted.
Three of them were available on a signed CD-R, for the first 200 who ordered the cd on TD's homepage.
I have to deal with the encores from Tangerine Tree 6 Vol. 49, but they sound quite inferior* to my ears, when played immediately after East. After all, I'm not begging for more after 80 minutes!

*(At the time of writing, replacement discs for TT vol. 49, has been announced, and they hail from a radio broadcast).

2006. Jacob Pertou / Denmark