1. Rajna - Rajna
  2. Love Is Colder Than Death - Questo Mostrarsi
  3. Stoa - Maare Illucescend
  4. La Vuibre - Tyriel
  5. Mira - Divine
  6. Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Overwhelmed, Beneath Me (2000 version)
  7. Faith & Disease - Stray
  8. Rosewater Elizabeth - It Swallows Me Whole
  9. Lycia - Baltica
  10. Switchblade Symphony - Dissolve
  11. Frolic - Skin
  12. Amber Asylum - The Bounding Main
  13. Carl Stone - Shing Kee
The female voice is indeed a beautiful creation, foremost among the pleasures of musical enjoyment. As an instrument, it can soar to unbelievable heights and then plunge to incredible depths. It can captivate and mesmerize, bewitch and beguile, tempt and seduce. Seireenia explores the heavenly beauty of the female voice, collecting the best-known bands in the ethereal music genre. From the U.S., Europe and South America, Projekt has assembled a collection of songs that celebrate this natural splendor. Whether it be tightly woven harmonies or floating lead vocals, Seireenia lures the listener with its carefully sequenced selections. Exquisitely enthralling and enchantingly elegant . . . heed the tempting call of Seireenia and fall under its soothing spell.

Featuring never-before-heard tracks from Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Mira, Amber Asylum and Faith & Disease; plus the first track in six years from Germany's Stoa. Also featuring classic album tracks from ethereal and darkwave favorites Lycia, Switchblade Symphony, Love Is Colder Than Death, Rosewater Elizabeth, and introducing France's Rajna.

2000. Press information "Seireenia is the most beautiful voice" es todo loue tengo que decir al respecto.

2002. Efrain / Mexico The sister companion to the Orphée compilation, Seireenia is an exceptional sibling in the family of Projekt compilations. Seireenia is dedicated to the female voice in ethereal and gothic music and presents a wide range of styles and sounds.
Another perk to this compilation is that several of the tracks are either previously unreleased or are alternate mixes of previously released tracks. Several of the groups featured on the compilation are already well-known to fans of darkwave and goth music. Projekt's flagship group Black Tape For A Blue Girl (headed by Projekt's main man, Sam Rosenthal) offers up a striking new version of their track Overwhelmed, Beneath Me the original version of which was previously available on their album The Lush Garden Within. Also, Projekt staple, Lycia, offer up one of the best tracks from their 1996 release, Cold; the beautifully mysterious Baltica. Switchblade Symphony make an appearance with one of its more worthy songs, Dissolve, from their debut CD, Serpentine Gallery. While these scene stalwarts turn out impressive performances throughout, the most impressive songs on this release come from artists I wasn't previously familiar with. Velvet Empire Record's Frolic presents the listener with the soft and soothing track Skin that definitely captures the ethereal sounds of bands like Lovesliescrushing. I also really enjoyed the album's lead off song, Rajna by Prikosnovenie Records recording artist Rajna. Rajna's sound reminded me of Dead Can Dance's, mixed with a set of forest environmental sounds records played in synchrony. Other tracks worth mentioning are Rosewater Elizabeth's It Swallows Me Whole, Stoa's Maare Illucescend and Faith and Disease's Stray which fall more under the "gothic rock" genre classification and are all good representations of that sound. The compilations nears its end with an experimental tinge: The Bounding Main from Amber Asylum, which is minimal, yet compelling. The final track, Shing Kee by Carl Stone, is a fifteen-and-a-half minute epic, and relies upon minimal, lo-fi piano, found sound noises and the voice of Akiko Yano to carry Seireenia to its inevitable end. A collection of old favorites, new classics and edgy experimentalism blended seamlessly to reflect Projekt overall dark and smooth aesthetic, Seireenia is yet another fine release by the world's premier gothic music label.

2000. © Ben Arp This is a special CD featuring ethereal female bands. A dark sensual mood radiates from this CD and will fill your world with the beauty of the female voice. Rajna is of Middle Eastern musical descent with soaring female voice that will take you away to another place. The music is tranquil with a nice heavy bottom. Assorted flutes and percussion make the song otherworldly. Love Is Colder Than Death by Guesto Mostrarsi feels like a dance club track. I absolutely love everything about the third song Stoa by Maare Illucescend. The multiple layered female voices are haunting and the European laced music pushes the song over the top. Antje Buchheiser's vocal performance is amazing. La Vuibre has religious tone and Diana Huarte's has an exceptional voice. Divine by Mira is the first song to incorporate guitar on the album. Overwhelmed, Beneath Me has a nice musical platform for Elysabeth Grant to perform her silky vocals. Faith & Disease contribute Stray, which combines dark guitar lines, flute and Dara Rosenwasser's soft voice. It Swallows Me Whole has a heavy percussive groove established by Rosewater Elizabeth. Melissa Mileski's voice is like a tiny spot in a vast musical space. The music Lycia makes for Baltica is great stuff. Tara Van Flower's exquisite voice is icing on a cake. Mostly instrumental, Baltica is moody and has a wide sound that seems tailor made for a movie. The guitar rhythm Switchblade Symphony plays in Dissolve totally works for me. Tina Root's voice is catchy as a Venus flytrap. The percussion in the song also stands out. I like the gloomy mood of Frolic's Skin, but I thought the music was mixed too loud to appreciate Kelly O'brien's voice. Amber Asylum's The Bounding Main is so subtle, it's a whisper but the song has mood in spades. It's the kind of thing moviemaker Michael Mann would use in one of his films.

2000. © Terry Wickham