1. Echo Valley [10:21]
  2. The Human Factor [9:13]
  3. Offshore Destination [5:09]
  4. Why Not Do It [3:28]
  5. Goodbye To These Days [3:33] MP3 soundclip of Goodbye to these days [3:00]
  6. Doing The Walldive [6:46]
  7. Lonesome Sunset [8:33]
  8. Entering The Light [10:12]
    Bonus track:
  9. Acid Love [6:16]
Written, performed and produced by Tony Andersen in Apr-Dec 95.
Bous track "Acid love" was composed and produced in June 2002.
Remastered in 2002.

Tony is 1/3 of NAVIGATOR. Tony Anderson is member of the group Navigator but has also released a reasonable output as a solo artist. The music on "Offshore Destination" dates from 1995, with the exception of the bonus track "Acid Love" which comes from 2002.
As a solo artist, Anderson makes quite different music than he does with Navigator. On this cd-r we can hear a lot of styles. It certainly is rather melodic with fluent sequences and drums in which a hint of recent Tangerine Dream can be heard. It is not badly crafted music, especially "Doing The Walldive", "Lonesome Sunset" and "Entering The Light" sound o.k. but, on the other hand, I have heard so much of this kind of music already.

Paul Rijkens