1. Freeze [6:40]
  2. Pain [9:41]
  3. Memory [4:51]
  4. Surrender [8:45]
  5. Beyond [10:18]

    Bonus track:
  6. Silent Survivor [31:40]
DeLuxe Edition incl. enhanced booklet with new photos & liner notes

Originally recorded: April, September, October 1983, Munich and Hambühren

Angst is the documentary of a true event in Austria which created a judicial scandal.
It is a psychological work that plays upon sensibilities and basic instincts. A particular feature of the film is that it was edited and arranged around the music, which was conceived not for the background but to be a driving force within the production.
The result may well, therefore, create a feeling of apprehension but you should not be afraid of "Angst"

2005. Press Information This soundtrack was done (composed, recorded, mixed) just after Audentity. You can here some typical sounds and sequences from the time of the cooperation of Klaus Schulze with Rainer Bloss all over.
The Yamaha CP70 or 80 piano all over; the Fairlight II page "r" patterns (-> "Surrender"). The airy vocal sample of the Fairlight. You hear the later often used heavy Metal like Bass drum. And Bell like sequences.
"Beyond" got a very different sound and mood as the other original tracks. It uses a S&H sound as those very early Klaus Schulze records.
And there is no melody or short riff as on the other tracks. To me it does sound as being done way earlier. More in the "trancefer" recording time. But will Klaus himself remember when he did this?
The new extra bonus track (to make us long time fans buy this release although we own the very first release) is, judged from the audio prelistening, one of those tracks Klaus did when he got the PPG wave brand new.
I would sort this track in the works from 1982.

2005. Till Kopper / Germany