1. Manifold [1:19:00]
MANIFOLD is the fourth in a series of long-form ambient works. Each of these exists in different versions, often initially with a conception for installation presentation using multiple compact disc players and chance operations. These works are permitted to evolve continuously and constantly and become soundscapes for specific events, places, aesthetically arranged environments or combine with intermedia elements such as light or video. While the installation versions of these works are perhaps most compelling artistically, due in large part to their unfixed nature and pliability, they are interesting also as fixed recordings on compact disc. MANIFOLD features three compact discs of collected sounds playing asynchronously. Each disc has unique sound elements on it, together with silences of various durations. This recording presents the sound environment of the work as one long continuous composition of nearly 80 minutes. MANIFOLD is similar in philosophical orientation and technical realization to the works "Siren", "Music for a Summer Evening" and "Sapphire". However, this work is very different in both material and overall musical impact, forming a fourth element in an evolving set of long-form ambient works.

2001. Press information