1. L'Harmonie Des Mondes (1er mouvement) [2:48]
  2. Les Monts Houang Chang [4:12]
  3. Alpha [7:21]
  4. Ellievel [3:46]
  5. Le Rêve D'Icare I [3:07]
  6. Les Vents Solaires [5:38]
  7. Valse Lente [2:40]
  8. Nebula IC-434 [6:44]
  9. L'Harmonie Des Mondes (2e mouvement) [5:37]
  10. L'Harmonie Des Mondes (3e mouvement) [5:03]
  11. Poussières D'étoiles [4:43]
  12. Le Rêve D'Icare II [4:42]
Recorded and mixed at Studio 270, Outremont, Québec in August 1990.
Produced by Steve Roach, Gilles Bédard and Daniel Blanchet.
Composed, arranged and performed by Daniel Blanchet. An homage to the famous Harmony of the Spheres treatise by the 16th-century astronomer Johannes Kepler, this collection explores a variety of musical moods and settings with the same poetic theme of order and beauty that Kepler believed ruled the universe.

Linda Kohanov / All Music Guide