1. dark enck [20:16]
  2. cairo grind [19:14]
  3. unground I [19:20]
  4. unground II [18:57]
COSMIC GROUND is a project of Jan Dirk Müller (= electronic musician of ELECTRIC ORANGE). On this project he follows the tracks and traces of the original electronic Krautrock pioneers like Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream. Free, electronic improvisations with themes.

COSMIC GROUND originally was planned as a pure studio project, one reason was the massive effort to move, build up and break down the huge modular systems on stage! But luckily the organisers of the famous Dutch E-Live festival in Oirshot, De Enck, Netherlands convinced Dirk Jan Müller to play at their great electronic festival. Dirk agreed and asked Horst "Sunhair" Porkert, to support him to bring this cosmic music on stage. After 2 fascinating sessions during 2 weekends in Aachen, the guys clicked soundwise, harmonically and playingwise and space was their place! As Horst is the organiser of the Psychedelic Network Festival in Würzburg, the idea quickly formed to play a second concert on Sunday afternoon at the 9th Psychedelic Network festival. The concert at the E-Live Festival happened in October 2016 and the concert at the 9th Psychedelic Network Festival took place in November 2016.

Out of both concerts, so far the only COSMIC ROUND shows, Jan Dirk Müller selected 4 long excursions into space, which range from sequencer-driven tracks up to ambient/ chill out tracks:

1. dark enck 20:16
2. cairo grind 19:14
3. unground I 19:20
4. unground II 18:57

Dirk Jan Müller: Modular Systems, Mellotron, Roland RS-202, Roland System 1, Nord Wave/ Electro
Horst "Sunhair" Porkert: Roland SH-101, Moog Sub-37, micro Korg, Effects