1. From here to ... [14:28]
  2. New Energy [7:13]
  3. Mondo Bizarro [11:13]
  4. Edge to Edge [13:49]
  5. Back to Earth [8:39] MP3 soundclip of Back to earth [3:00]
  6. Speed of Light [10:02]
Recorded and mastered at the Sin-Syn Studio Antwerp, Belgium
All music composed, played and arranged by Syndromeda Shimmering swirling sounds give a mysterious feel to the opener 'From Here To……'. A very deep bass pulse can be heard in the background increasing the tension still further. Mournful ethereal mellotron choir effects add to the melancholy then a devastating lead line, bitch bending all the way, blasts over the top. It is as if an army is sending salvo after salvo of shells through the air in preparation for their advance- but when will they make their move? The answer in this case is in the sixth minute when a sequence rumbles into life soon to be joined by another. The excitement builds all the time reaching its climax as yet another superb lead line erupts from the speakers. What an excellent start!
'New Energy' displays its high power credentials right from the first second as a powerful sequence ignites the air like a constant stream of arcing sparks flashing from power cables. A superb rhythm is added and another wonderful lead line soars over the top. A vocal sample informs us that 'Destruction gives new Energy'.
Calmness momentarily returns for the atmospheric beginning to 'Mondo Bizaro'. Rhythmic content starts to form then yet another lead line literally growls into life, dripping with malevolence. The mood changes a little as a couple of playful melodic sequences come in. A superb melody bridges the gap between the dark and lighter elements perfectly. Further rhythms are deployed and it's now impossible to keep the body still- just let yourself go with the groove. There is a darkly aquatic start to 'Edge to Edge'. It's as if air is bubbling up from the depths. It isn't too long however until a sequence starts to shine through the blackness revealing wonders submerged beneath the waves. Melodies weave round each other like beams from flashlights.
'Back to Earth' actually commences as if we are in some deep corner of space with solar winds and a gentle engine throb. Rhythms are introduced in the second minute heightening the excitement, as we get closer to our final destination. They develop quite an infectious shuffling quality and again I found my head nodding and feet moving to the beat. The melodies are just as appealing providing the final perfect element to an exquisite track. I really didn't think things could get better than this but they do.
With the title 'Speed of Light' you wouldn't expect a slow floater and indeed that most certainly isn't what you get. The sequences are cranked up to number eleven and the lead melodies are so ferocious they will blister the paint from the walls (brilliant air keyboard stuff!) as the earthquake-proportioned rhythms shake the foundations. This track just has to be played at max volume. Let it rip!

Some artists provide their best work earlier in their career but Syndromeda just gets better and better.