2. OCHA (Piano Bell Studies) ~ 2011 [11:11]
  3. AVIARY - Homage to Alwin Nikolais ~ 2011 [5:13]
  4. ESCAPE VELOCITIES for solo flute ~ 2011/1989 [9:53]
  5. STAR MAP ~ 2011 [3:13]
  6. IMAGINAL for JC in Four Thirty-three ~ 2011 [4:33]
  7. ESCURSIONE SELVATICI ~ 2011 [14:38]
  8. FAE OOT O KILLYGLEN ~ 2010 [6:35]
The Folio series features various miscellaneous compositions that develop out of my general practice. These works are the result of explorations into the modeling of sounds and musical structures that typically result in more elaborated and concentrated works. In some ways they are “sketches” or compositional studies. Some of these experimental pieces, composed on an on-going basis, turn out to be more than mere exercises and are able to stand on their own as separate compositions. The Folio series sheds light into my compositional process and also collects a number of the more interesting of these miscellaneous works.

Folio Volume One features instrumental sounds by Jan Baker (saxophone), John Fonville (flute) and Stuart Gerber (percussion). Included in this recording is Fae Oot O Killyglen, composed for the Belfast Imagined project of the Five Points Journal of Literature and Art. This acousmatic work features voices from County Antrim in a three-section setting together with other acoustic and synthetic sounds. Escape Velocities is a composition for flute that originated as models performed by John Fonville in 1989 in La Jolla, California. Aviary is an homage to the great artist Alwin Nikolais and Imaginal for JC in Four Thirty-three is an homage to Cage.

All works date from 2011 with the exception of Fae Oot O Killyglen which was composed in 2010.

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