1. Call to Ancestors MP3 soundclip of Call to ancestors [0:25]
  2. The Extract MP3 soundclip of The extract [0:23]
  3. Luv's Frequency Spectrum MP3 soundclip of Luv`s frequency spectrum [0:20]
  4. The Next Step MP3 soundclip of The Next Step [0:21]
  5. Call to Ancestors- Warp4 Mix MP3 soundclip of Call to Ancestors- Warp4 Mix [0:20]
  6. Trailblazer MP3 soundclip of Trailblazer [0:23]
  7. Mile High Club (Ariander mix) MP3 soundclip of Mile High Club (Ariander mix) [0:22]
  8. Are You Human MP3 soundclip of Are You Human [0:20]
  9. Liquid Incense MP3 soundclip of Liquid Incense [0:27]
  10. Exposure MP3 soundclip of Exposure [0:21]

    Bonus tracks:
  11. Crossing Over MP3 soundclip of Crossing Over [0:20]
  12. Menhir MP3 soundclip of Menhir [0:25]
  13. Call to Ancestors - Early version MP3 soundclip of Call to Ancestors - Early version [0:21]
After 3 years, Bjorn Lynne returns as Divinorum to release an album together with his friends in the critically acclaimed underground electronic act Aural Planet.

This CD is a friendship / co-operation album between Divinorum (aka Bjorn Lynne) and Aural Planet (Scorpik, KeyG, Raiden, Falcon). The album also features a guest appearance by the Norwegian artist Ariander, who remixed Divinorum's "Mile High Club" for this CD.

Using the composers' wide and varied musical backgrounds in Electronic, Progressive and Ethnic music, this is an album that combines deep atmospheres and positive drive with sensual, mysterious compositions. Trance, yes, but also much more than that. The album starts briskly with Call to Ancestors, a full and lush trance track with a slight ethnic slant - reminescent of earlier Divinorum material. As the album continues, we are taken through a continuous mix of powerful electronic music - some more psychedelic and some more melodic. The album eventually slows down with the deeply gripping "Are You Human" and then goes into a kind of pulsating ethnic/ambient mode with the irresistable "Liquid Incense", before the ambient "Exposure" leaves you fluttering on the edge of the universe.

2003. Press information

Extra bonus material downloadable for CD customers: Tracks 11, 12 and 13 are not on the actual CD, but downloadable from a password protected internet page. The web address and password are printed in the CD cover booklet. Inside that restricted area you can download the three extra bonus tracks, and read notes about the tracks written by the composers; his thoughts on the tracks, their production, and why they were chosen as bonus tracks instead of main CD tracks.