1. Follow me [4:12]
  2. The Cosmopolite [3:52]
  3. Changing Colors (Les Coleurs De La Vie) [4:49]
  4. The Reality of Playing Wargames [3:43]
  5. Synthetic Love [4:02]
  6. Simulated Moonquakes [6:56]
  7. For Motion and Emotions [4:13]
  8. Artificial Rain [4:31]
  9. Cosmic Pinball [3:14]
  10. On TV [4:14]
  11. Cultures of Electronic Art [3:51]
  12. Countdown [4:30] MP3 soundclip of Countdown [3:00]
  13. Stargazing [4:32]
  14. Exit [2:52]
  15. Wake up, Cause I Thought It Was A Dream [3:27]
Eigentlich stellte sich Erbe auf seinen CD´s, immer den Momentaufnahmen der musikalischen Schaffenszeit und weniger den Konzepten und tiefgründigen Vorstellungen, die man in die Musik nachträglich hineininterpretiert. Viel zu sehr beeinflussen die Dinge die man selbst hört und mag, z.B. die Musik, die Bilder die Menschen usw.Deshalb steht auch "Digital Entrance" eher für eine kommerziellere Phase in seiner Musik. Bewusst gabs diesmal mehr "Hits" und weniger "Athmos". Aber kommerzielle Elektronik kann man doch gar nicht machen? Vielleicht doch, denn kommerziell bedeutet im grunde ja auch, dem Zuhörer das Zuhören und den Einstieg leichter zu machen. Die eigene Musik verständlicher zu präsentieren oder ihm einfach nur schneller oder langsamer die eigenen "Ideen" zu vermitteln. Glauben wir ihm einfach mal...

2002. Press information This 1995 release features 63 minutes of Erbe's dynamic electronic tuneage. Utilizing E-perc and a versatile palette of keyboard-triggered electronics, Erbe generates fabulously energetic music. All the pieces on this release are less than five minutes long, forcing each song to develop quickly, establishing and pursuing the melody without undue distraction.
While the backbone of this music is comprised of keyboards, the manners in which those keys manifest are diverse and flexible. Conventional keyboard strains float in tandem with clearly unnatural sounds, all conspiring to achieve alluring melodies adorned with snappy rhythms. Whether chiming, twanging, bonging, booping or simply twinkling, the keyboards fill the air with vivacious tune age.
Erbe's compositional talents seem inexhaustible as every song unleashes fresh riffs and harmonies, each time producing results that are wholly unique and wonderfully so. Despite the tunes' relentless nature, there are softer qualities lurking in the frenetic mix, drifting elements that temper the frenzy with a friendly edge.
While maintaining an instrumental electronic motif, the music on this release seems to focus more on earthly concerns than on matters beyond our atmosphere.

2002. © Matt Howarth Stylistically on the same level as Brainwork, Stefan Erbe brings us an album of percussion-heavy, deeply sequenced electronic music that will get more than just your toe tapping. The highly melodic and generally upbeat tunes make Erbe's third album in a word, fun. For example, with the piece "For Motion and Emotions" you can't help but get a big smile on your face as you shift back and forth to the beat.

2002. © Bradford Warner / Sounddesign