1. Code Indigo - Redemption
  2. Ron Boots - Cries in the mist
  3. FDProject - Deepdream
  4. Volt - Circadian Cycle
  5. Concept Diveces - Orcadian
  6. Gazzcollins - Industrial Sunset
  7. Ron Boots - Thunderroad
  8. Code Indigo - Krystal Halls Highway
E-Scape 2018 Compilation

E-Scape 2018 is a collection of exclusive studio and unreleased live tracks from artists performing at the 2018 UK E-Scape Festival. The music is a varied collection of traditional electronic music of the spacey, sequencer style and it all hangs together nicely as a cohesive electronic music album.

Code Indigo open proceedings with the moody 12 minute epic Redemption, a forgotton unreleased gem from 2002. Next up is Ron Boots with the melancholy but upbeat Cries in the Mist and things liven up with the foot stomping, guitar driven Deep Dream from FD Project.

VoLt present another gem with the excellent and traditional 80ís style em Circadian Cycle, before we then go into experimental space music mode with the exploratory Orcadian Voyager Dives Again by Concept Devices. Industrial Sunset-Leaving Town by Gazz Collins picks things up again weaving its seductive rhythmic spell. We then move into the longest track on the album, a great slice of electronica/rock, Thunder Road by Ron Boots.

The album closes with Krystal Halls Highway, a tribute to the late Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, performed by Code Indigo and featuring Klaus. The track is a reworking of a previously unreleased David Wright/Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock track Krystal Halls. E-Scape 2018 is sure to appeal to fans of traditional sequencer styled, spacey electronic music.