1. Dreaming Spaces [13:37]
Long form magic by one of the undisputable Maestros of the deepest sonic meditations!!! With "Dreaming Spaces" we are entering voluminously immersing and intricately tenebrous zones, where spectacularly sinuous, colossally magmatic and gracefully expansive drone layers eternally commingle with myriad of blossomingly ascending tapestries, no matter if balmily ear-tickling, organically shimmering or dissonantly mind-bending. Breathtakingly epic transmutations await here, the ultimate masterwork!!!

Digitally released January 1st, 2020, the CD edition is available since the middle of February. 74-minute "Dreaming Spaces" is out on Max Corbacho's Silentsun label as a 4-panel digisleeve limited to 200 copies. A must-have sonic monument!!!