1. Return Of The Wolf [6:23] MP3 soundclip of Return of the wolf [3:00]
  2. Legend Of The Wolves (Part 1: Canis Lupus) [9:28]
  3. Legend Of The Wolves (Part 2: The Call Of The Wild) [6:39]
  4. Legend Of The Wolves (Part 3: Howling With The Wolves) [9:37]
  5. About Wolves And Men (Part 1: Wolves) [10:19]
  6. About Wolves And Men (Part 2: Men) [3:16]
  7. Hunting With The Pack [4:39]
  8. Legend Of The Wolves (Part 4: Mystic Wolf-Theme) [6:18]
  9. Legend Of The Wolves (Part 5: This Is Still My Land) [9:55]
  10. Vanishing Packs (The Death Of The Last Wolf) [5:48]
  11. Wolves Will Always Remain In Our Minds [3:21]
Legend of the Wolves was created between January and October 1991 at WOODLAND-Studio

Joerg Strawe - synthesizers With Legend of the Wolves I wanted to attract attention to the last wolves that are still on our planet in their last reserves. Maybe we can all do something to help prevent the extinction of these animals.
I tried to set the influence these wolves have had upon me to music. Sometimes I even try to let the wolves speak for themselves. Enjoy the music . . . and think about the wolves.

Joerg Strawe